Device Automation Bus

Device Automation Bus is a simple protocol for intuitively interacting with consumer electronics in the living room that are connected to the Internet such as Smart TVs and gaming consoles. DAB enables device manufacturers and application developers to programmatically start and stop applications, send key presses to the device, restart the device, capture device metrics among other operations.

Test Automation

Automate your test suite for applications on living room devices by using standardized device interactions

Stable Applications

Measure device performance and improve application stability

Save Time & Money

Reduce manual tasks and save time and money during the development and testing processes

Device Manufacturers

Do you manufacture living room devices?

By supporting DAB on your device, you can reduce manual and ad-hoc testing, enable stable applications on your device and reduce the time you spend on device testing and certification.


Application Developers

Do you write apps for living room devices?

By using DAB, you can improve the quality of application you’re building, automate manual tests as well as improve the reliability of your tests.